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General Terms of Contract (Terms & Conditions)

General information

Should you wish to be a customer or active user of the webshop of Saulé Blanc, please read carefully our General Terms of Contract and use our services only if you agree with all provisions hereof and accept them as binding.
Saulé Blanc will publish the new version on the website in case it amends the terms and conditions Therefore, we recommend that you check this document regularly and read any changes.
Technical information which is not covered in these General Terms of Contract is included in other information available on the website (FAQ, Delivery Information...).
Contracts concluded through the Webshop are not considered as written contracts and are not archived by Saulé Blanc. Thus, they will not be retrievable for subsequent review. Saulé Blanc does not submit to the provisions of any code of conduct.
If you have any questions regarding the operation of the webshop, do not hesitate to contact us as indicated here.

Data of the operator

Company name: Saulé Blanc Kft.
Registered office: 9400 Sopron, Határdomb u. 2., office No. 105
Company registration number: 08-09-026310
Tax No.: 24930444-2-08
Community tax No.: HU 24930444
Data protection registration No.: NAIH-77149/2014
IBAN: AT54 1962 0008 000 6140
Managing director: Adrienn Szittner
Telephone number: + 36 99/326-296

These General Terms and Contract (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) set forth the rights and obligations of Saulé Blanc. (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”) and the customers using the electronic commercial services provided by the Service Provider on the website (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) (the Service Provider and the Customer hereinafter collectively referred to as “Parties”). The GTC applies to all transactions and services made on the website. By using the website, the Customer accepts the provisions of the GTC as binding.

Process of purchase

The language of the contract is English.

Detailed description and price about the product you wish to order are available by clicking on the name of the product or the image showing the product. You can put the product into your virtual basket by clicking on the „Add to basket” button. In this screen, you can choose to return to the Webshop (“Continue shopping”) or finish shopping and start the ordering procedure by clicking on the “Proceed to checkout” button. On the Basket page, you can change your order, delete items from the basket and set the destination country, on the basis of which the shipping charges are calculated. If everything is fine, you can start the order procedure and log into your account by clicking on the “Proceed to checkout” button, or register or shop without registration by supplying the requested data.

Shopping is not subject to registration. In this case, choose the “Continue as a guest” option.
The other option is that you wish to register now. If so, you are required to provide your personal data and a delivery address. If you are a registered user already, click on the “Returning user” button.

You have the option to give a delivery address which is different from the billing address. After providing the data, you are required to choose your method of payment from the available options. Then click on the “Continue” button. A summary screen will appear, giving you the chance to verify the details of your order before submitting it. You can finalize your order and send it to Saulé Blanc by clicking on the „Place Order” button.

Data entry errors can be corrected at any time during the order procedure by returning to the relevant screen.
Once you have finalized the online ordering procedure by clicking on the „Place Order” button, you submit an order which constitutes an offer to purchase and involves a payment obligation.

Orders are processed between 8:00 and 17:00 hours on working days. Orders can also be placed outside the period when orders are processed. If your order is received after the working hours, it will be processed on the next working day.

Binding offer, confirmation and conclusion of contract

Once you have sent your order in the saulé webshop, the receipt of your offer is confirmed by an automatic e-mail. The automatic e-mail contains the details of your order as well. This confirmation e-mail should not be construed an acceptance of your offer by Saulé Blanc, and no contract is concluded between Saulé Blanc (Service Provider) and you, as the Customer, through such confirmation. (This e-mail only informs you that Saulé Blanc received the order you placed.)

Saulé Blanc will send a separate e-mail on the acceptance of the order, and the contract between you, as the Customer, and Saulé Blanc, as the seller, is concluded upon the receipt thereof. Accordingly, your order takes effect when your online order is confirmed by Saulé Blanc by a separate acceptance e-mail. This takes place, except for the bank holidays and public holidays, within 24/48 hours from the receipt of the order.

If you notice any error in the data shown in the confirmation e-mail, you should contact Saulé Blanc within 1 (one) day by any of the means indicated here, in order to prevent the delivery of any unwanted orders.

Orders can only be placed electronically via the Internet at the web address. Orders placed by phone, fax or mail will not be accepted.

The details of the order are stored by Saulé Blanc. If you wish to have it in printed form as well, you can print the „Order confirmation” e-mail, which contains all essential data of the order.

The order constitutes a contract concluded by electronic means, which is governed by the provisions Act No. V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Act No. CVIII of 2001 on certain issues concerning electronic commerce services and information society services. The contract is subject to Government Decree No. 45/2014. (II. 26.) Korm. on the detailed rules governing contracts between consumers and undertakings, keeping in mind the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from the contract, without giving any reason, within fourteen (14) days from the date of receiving the ordered products. You are also entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal during the period between the date of concluding the contract and the date of receiving the product.

If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you should send a notice to that effect to the e-mail address within 14 days, and our customer service will send you a withdrawal form with further information on sending back. The withdrawal form must be returned together with the product in undamaged original packaging. In the case of Saulé Blanc products, the right of withdrawal may be exercised only if you return the products in the unopened undamaged original packaging. Once you have opened the product, you are no longer entitled to the right of withdrawal.
In the event of withdrawal, the ordered product should be returned to the address given by us (Saulé Blanc Kft. 9400 Sopron, Határdomb út 1-2., office No. 105) within 14 days from the notice of withdrawal. The time limit is considered to have been met if you sent the product (posted it or handed it over to the courier service) before the expiry of the 14day time limit.

If you order more than one product, you can withdraw from the contract with respect to any or all of them.

The cost of returning the product to the address of Saulé Blanc will be borne by you. Packages returned by cash on delivery will not be accepted by Saulé Blanc. No cost other than that of returning the product will be borne by you with respect to the withdrawal.
In the event of withdrawal, Saulé Blanc refunds the price of the product as well as the cost of delivery (unless additional costs have incurred because you have not chosen the cheapest method of delivery offered by Saulé Blanc when ordering/returning the product) within 14 days from the notice of withdrawal.

Saulé Blanc is entitled to withhold the refund until the product has been returned or you have supplied evidence for returning it. (Saulé Blanc will consider the time whichever is earlier.)

Saulé Blanc will use the method of payment used for the original order for the refund, unless you consent to using another method of payment offered by Saulé Blanc. You will not incur additional cost will because of the use of a different method of payment for the refund.

Please take notice of that we only accept products returned in undamaged unopened packaging.

If you have any questions regarding the right of withdrawal, please feel free to contact the customer service of Saulé Blanc.

Prices and delivery

The prices shown in the Webshop next to the products are in Euro and include the statutory value added tax. The cost of delivery is not included, and will be added to the price of the product. The prices shown at the time of the actual order apply.

Delivery is currently available to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.
If your country of residence is not included in the list, please contact our customer service, and we will inform you about how you can purchase Saulé Blanc products.
When the product you ordered has been released to the shipping company, the package can be tracked on a website provided by the shipping company.

Costs of delivery

The cost of delivery is calculated by our system based on the actual delivery address. The estimated costs of delivery are shown in the table here.
If your delivery address is outside the European Union, any customs duties and other public dues will be borne by you.

If, for technical or logistical reasons arising after the order is placed, the ordered products need to be delivered in several batches, Saulé Blanc will charge the cost of delivery naturally only once.

Saulé Blanc will not accept any subsequent quantity or quality complaints after the product has been accepted from the courier and document certifying receipt has been signed. By signing the delivery note, you acknowledge that the package received is in compliance with the order in terms of both its exterior and content (the content of the package is complete, and neither the packaging nor the product is damaged).

If you notice any damage to the product or the packaging upon receipt, you should ask the courier to draw up minutes thereof. If the package or the product is noticeably damaged upon receipt, and the damage has occurred before the receipt of the goods, the product will be taken back by Saulé Blanc free of charge. Saulé Blanc disclaims responsibility for any damage detected after receipt.
Saulé Blanc excludes liability for the non-fulfilment of the order if the delivery address you provided is incorrect or incomplete. If the address provided is incorrect or incomplete, the product ordered is returned to Saulé Blanc. The cost of return transport will be borne by you and added to your order. This cost will be borne by you even if the original delivery was free of charge. The cost of repeated delivery after the address is corrected will also be borne by you.


Legal guarantee

In the event of defective performance by Saulé Blanc you may make a legal guarantee claim against Saulé Blanc.

In the case of consumer contracts, you may bring a guarantee claim within a 2-year limitation period from the date of receipt for product defects existing at the time of delivery of the product. No legal guarantee claim may be made beyond the two-year limitation period.

In the case of non-consumer contracts, a guarantee claim may be made within a 1-year limitation period from the date of receipt.

You may request either repair or replacement, unless it would be impossible to fulfil the option you chose or impose cause disproportionate costs to Saulé Blanc compared to the other option available. If you have not requested or could not request repair or replacement, you may claim a proportional reduction of the price or repair the defect or have it repaired by a third party at the expense of Saulé Blanc, or – as a last resort – withdraw from the contract. The right of disposal is not available in the case of minor defects.

You may switch from the chosen guarantee option to another, but must bear the cost of switching, unless the switch was justified or Saulé Blanc has given cause for it.

Customers are required to report any defect to Saulé Blanc without delay after discovery and within two months from the discovery of the defect at latest.

You may make a legal guarantee claim directly against Saulé Blanc.

Making a legal guarantee claim within six months from the delivery is not subject to any other conditions than reporting the defect, provided that you prove to have purchased the product from Saulé Blanc (by presenting the invoice or a copy thereof). In such case, Saulé Blanc will only be exempt from the guarantee if able to rebut this presumption, that is, it proves that the defect of the product occurred after it was delivered to you. Saulé Blanc it is not required to accept the guarantee claim you made if able to prove that the defect occurred for reasons attributable to you. However, after six months from the delivery, you are required to prove that the defect you discovered existed already at the time of delivery.

If you make a guarantee claim for a part of the product which can be separated from the point of view of the defect, the guarantee claim is not regarded made in respect the other parts of the product.

Product warranty

In the event of a defect in the product (movable item), you may make either a legal guarantee claim or a product warranty claim.

However, you are not entitled to make both a legal guarantee claim and a product warranty claim for the same defect at the same time and in parallel with each other. In the event of making a successful product warranty claim you may, however, make a legal guarantee claim against the producer for the replaced product or the repaired part.

When making a product warranty claim, you may request only repair or replacement of the defective product, but refund, price reduction or withdrawal is not possible. When making a product warranty claim, you are required to prove the defect of the product.

A product is considered defective if it fails to comply with the quality requirements applicable at the time of placing it on the market or does not have the specific characteristics indicated in the description provided by the producer.

You may make a product warranty claim within two years from the date when the product was placed on the market by the producer. You forfeit this right after the lapse of the time limit. You are required to report any defect to the producer without delay after discovery. Defects reported within two months from discovery are considered to have been reported without delay. You are responsible for any damage resulting from the delay of reporting.

You may make a product warranty claim against the producer or distributor (Saulé Blanc) of the movable item.

According to the Civil Code, the term “producer” includes both the manufacturer and the distributor of the product.

The producer or distributor (Saulé Blanc) is released from the product warranty liability only if able to prove that:

  • the product was manufactured or placed on the market other than in the course of its business activity, or
  • the defect could not be detected based on the state of scientific and technological knowledge at the time of placing the product on the market, or
  • the defect in the product results from the application of a legal regulation or mandatory regulatory provisions.

The producer or distributor (Saulé Blanc) is required to prove only one of the above for exemption.

Retention of title

The goods remain the property of Saulé Blanc until the payment of the purchase price in full. If, for any reason, you take possession of the product before the payment of the purchase price in full, you will be responsible vis-à-vis Saulé Blanc for all damage for which no damages can be claimed from anyone.


You can choose from the following methods of payment in the Saulé Blanc webshop:

  1. Bank card: Our online bank card payment service is provided by PayU. Our system accepts the following types of bank cards: MasterCard, Visa
  2. Bank Transfer:
    For payment through bank transfer please use the following details:
    IBAN: AT54 1962 0008 0000 6140
    Please help us identify your order, and enter your order number to the Additional Information field on your money transfer form. Thank you!
  3. PayPal: if you have a PayPal account, you can shop in our online webshop without providing your bank card details. The product ordered will be received or delivered upon the successful payment.
  4. Cash on delivery: you pay the full amount of the order to the courier who delivers the package to you in return. This option is available only for delivery addresses in Hungary.

Write a review option

If you have already ordered a Saulé Blanc product and registered in our system during the order procedure, you may write a review of the given product in the Customer Reviews menu item. Saulé Blanc reserves the right to moderate such reviews, and to publish them on the website only after approval, or to delete them at any time.

Images on the website

The images on the website are for illustration only, and the images on the website may not reflect the colour or the size of the product accurately.

Product liability

Please read carefully the ingredients on the box and the instructions for use supplied with the product before use. Saulé Blanc disclaims responsibility for any damage arising from the improper use of the product.
Saulé Blanc assumes no responsibility for damage, injury, illness or any unforeseen event due to any allergic reaction.


The Website is protected by copyright. Saulé Blanc is the copyright holder and sole authorised user of all contents shown on the website, including any copyrighted work or other intellectual property (including, but not limited to, all graphics and other materials, the layout and the design of the website interface, and the software and other solutions, ideas and implementations applied).
Printing or saving the contents of or any part thereof to a physical or other data carrier is permitted for private use or with the prior written consent of Saulé Blanc. Use beyond private use, for example, storage in a database, transfer, making public or downloadable, or commercially available, modification, requires the prior written consent of Saulé Blanc.

Contact us

Should you have any questions, please contact us by any of the means indicated below:

  1. E-mail:
  2. Request callback: click here if you would like us to call you back
  3. Instant message: click here to send an instant message
  4. Mail: H-9400 Sopron Határdomb út 2.

Customer service opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 o’clock
Please note that we can answer questions only during the opening hours.

Available legal remedies

Handling of complaints

Should you have any complaint concerning your shopping, please contact us by e-mail at the address or by any of the means indicated under the Contact menu. All complaints are investigated and replied to within 14 days from receipt. If the complaint is justified, the product is replaced.

If we are unable to settle your complaint in this manner, please contact the supervisory bodies below:

Handling of consumer complaints

Consumers can address their complaints to the following supervisory bodies:

Consumer Protection Inspectorate of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Government Office
Address: 9022 Győr, Türr István u. 1.
Postal address: 9002 Győr, Pf.: 311.
Telephone number. +36 96 329 244
Fax number. +36 96 329 186

Győr-Moson-Sopron County Arbitration Board
Address: 9021 Győr, Szent István út 10/a.
Telephone number. +36 96 520 217
Fax number. +36 96 520 218

Data protection

Our data protection policy us available here.
The website may contain connections (links) leading to the websites of other service providers. Saulé Blanc does not accept responsibility for the data protection practices and other activities of such service providers.

Amendment of the General Terms of Contract

Saulé Blanc may amend these General Terms of Contract unilaterally at any time. The amended provisions apply to orders placed after their effective date.

Saulé Blanc reserves the right to make any change to the website at any time without prior notice.

The effective date of these General Terms of Contract is 02/09/2014.

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Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters: be­cause of its advantageous geographical location, thermal water can be found in great quantities on over 80% of the country’s territory, and the qual­ity of the water is outstanding even on a world scale. Saulé Blanc skin care products contain superior quality, extra-clean thermal water, which due to its high level of dissolved mineral content, provide an ef­fective help in maintaining the skin’s natural beauty.

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  • Parabens
  • Phtalate
  • Mineral Oil
  • SLS
  • Petrolatum
  • Paraffin, DEA
  • Synthetic Colors
  • Animal Ingredients
  • GMO (genetically modified organisms)


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